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Zooplr is on a global quest to revolutionize how tribes interact, grow and prosper. It’s unique combination of tools will provide leaders, in any type of industry, with an ‘edge’ to engage their tribe. Experience new and seamless ways to broadcasting your knowledge to your followers. Raw, authentic and fresh. And forget about complex and boring administration dashboards, Zooplr will keep it fun and simple! The first wave of the Zooplr platform will roll-out late 2012, make sure you head to

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Defining Moments of Courage is a collection of inspirational stories from an emerging talent of entrepreneurs to parents to high corporate executives who share what steps they took to keep hope in their success alive. Dean Kosage co-founded Defining Moments Publishing Company, which then inspired the creation of this Amazon #1 Best Selling book; Defining Moments of Courage, where Dean Kosage was also a published co-author. In Dean’s story which can be found as the final chapter of the book, he shows all of us that despite growing up outside the matrix or the norm, that no matter where we come from or what our circumstances are, we can all succeed when willing to pursue our dreams. The desire behind the creation of this book, Dean Kosage wanted to provide a platform for the amazing amount of talented people to have their voice and story heard. People that are doing it NOW, and to “no longer have to quote Dead people” meaning the great authors that we have all studied for years and years. This book helps us see a world of possibilities available to us all and these short stories of courage provide solutions you may need on your journey.


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“Defining Moments of Courage proves that with slight edge steps you create any life you want – but not all at once. You must understand that it is the little steps, compounded over time, that do make all the difference. You must learn that the things you do every single day – the things that don’t look dramatic or don’t look like they matter – do matter. Ultimately, one courageous step forward can make ALL the difference.“ - Jeff Olson, Author of The Slight Edge


if i were your daddy

This collection of articles about fatherhood is full of anecdotes from 35 highly successful fathers – Included in this is Dean Kosage, who was asked to contribute as he was awarded the Top 40 Under 40, Single Parent Award.

With other great contributions including CEOs, sports superstars, Grammy Musicians, a Noble Peace Prize winner, best selling authors, multimillionaires, and more. The essays provide and insiders look at the private parenting moments of these fathers as they talk frankly about the ups and downs of raising their own children. Instead of a simple book of advice.

This volume shares first-hand accounts that provide support to parents, educators, friends and relatives to improve their relationships with children by equipping them with the resourceful wisdom based on other fathers’ real-life and experiences. Learn more about this story here.

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As the Founder and Chairman of, a gamification platform, Dean Kosage was asked to come be a panelist and answer forum questions on the topic: The Fusion of Business and Devices: How the future of Mobile, Apps, Software, and community has been changed by the marriage of business and devices. First Annual San Diego Entrepreneur Summit – an industry defining conference that we believe sets a new standard for entrepreneur support. We set out on a mission this year to provide 50+ company executives, CEO’s, founders, visionaries, VCs, and industry experts to discuss the key trends shaping the start up world. The theme of the conference this year is… Bringing BIG ideas to life, which is shaped by the dynamically changing economic landscape where winners today may be winners in the future and new startup entrants with unique offerings can become success stories almost overnight. We believe Bringing BIG ideas to life, is also being driven by the start up revolution, where entrepreneurs through a greater sense of ownership and global impact are increasingly shaping the startup world and the fortunes of startup companies. At this years conference, we will explore ways in which the current startup leaders are adapting to the rapidly changing entrepreneur landscape, the opportunities for new emerging players, which business models are best positioned for today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, and how you adapt to the new age of business, where you have greater control.

App Craze Mastermind

Dean Kosage, specializes in speaking and coaching, but is commonly known as the “Gamification Expert” and as the Founder and Chairman of – a fast growing gamification platform, Dean was asked by the industry leaders in many rapidly growing industries to come engage and contribute to this mastermind alliance (App Craze) and explain the trends of Gaming and the Global Impact that Gaming will have within our businesses and our communities, now and in years to come.








There was a big buzz in the industry surrounding this event and the only way to become a speaker was to be voted in by your fan base and peers. Dean Kosage was not only voted to speak on “Gaming” and the trends that will merge the two empires of internet marketers and network marketers, but he was one of the top vote getters out of all the speakers at this explosive event. Read Full Story

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Cambridge Who’s Who – San Diego, CA, July 27, 2008, Dean Kosage, Owner and Operator of Kosage Motivation, Inc., has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in all aspects of motivational consulting. Mr. Kosage has more than 16 years of professional experience and specializes in motivational speaking and life coaching. An entrepreneur at an early age, he owned a restaurant and online retail stores with affiliates worldwide. By age 23, he gained such success that he was able to retire and focus his attention on Kosage Motivation, Inc., Read Full Story

Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide HONORS
Recipient Named above is included in the 2008 Edition. Acceptance is granted to Individuals who have exemplified leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession. WHAT IS STRATHOMORE’S WHO’S WHO AWARD? Historically Strathmore’s Who’s Who publishes an annual two thousand page hard cover biographical registry, honoring successful individuals in the fields of Business, the Arts and Sciences, Law, Engineering and Government. We select mid to upper level management professionals from companies, large and small, throughout the United States as well as internationally. In addition the entire publication is published in a searchable database on this website giving many types of search options. Read Full Story
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About Dean Kosage

About Dean Kosage



As an ambitious & eager student, Dean first gained fame through his tenacious ability to seek mentorship anywhere he could find it.

The second was his ability to build & maintain tribes & communities globally.

At the age of 23 he was already running his 2nd company and was sought after as an entrepreneur keynote speaker around the country.

By 25 he was a millionaire and was requested on many occasions to share his entrepreneurial abilities, knowledge & expertise before large audiences on a global basis.

Known for his sense of humor & his ability to awaken the giant inside us all, his audios & keynote speeches on life, have been the inspiration & driving force behind the growth of a very loyal fan base reaching millions of people & entrepreneurs globally.

This led to developing and maintaining a community of over 200,000 entrepreneurs in 18 countries for over 20 yrs.



Together with the experience gained at a young age, from traveling the world and speaking on stages before audiences of up to 50,000 at a time, was also the opportunity it provided for Dean to see the world from a different perspective.

It was from this experience that he began to understand how technology was affecting the lives of not only people but also the cultures of countries as well. This exposure enhanced his natural ability to spot emerging technology trends for the future, faster than most people.



Deans exposure to such large numbers of people worldwide, provided him with the opportunity to master human pattern recognition at a young age.

Through his desire & curiosity as a divergent thinker, Dean develops creative solutions for platforms & resources to help all of the people he meets that are now caprivated with technology.



  • Zooplr: Founder / Chairman
  • Defining Moments Publishing: Founder / President
  • bMobile Fast: Founder / President
  • Freestyle: Founder / CEO
  • KMI Motivation: Founder / CEO
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